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“Isla is not for everyone” we have all, at least once, heard of.   Honestly we think this has been a keystone reason why Isla still keeps its flair. Isla Mujeres , an island so close and yet so different , to its close neighbor Cancun has managed , gracefully, to retain its small and laid back fisherman village.

The beauty of its beaches may have been the initial reason attracting you to this destination but this will certainly change in no time. Isla, simply, charms you , fascinates you and let you leave the island. You will embark the ferry to Cancun towards the airport  but  you may also rest assured  you will come back. Isla Mujeres, the place you look at in the horizon while sailing away, will always remain with you. THE PLACE YOU WILL COME BACK TO …OVER AND OVER. Certainly Isla Mujeres is not for everyone. You are not everyone.IT IS FOR YOU.

Punta Sur: Where Mexico welcomes THE SUN.

This monumental  park lies on the southern tip of isla Mujeres , where natural cliffs and the blue waters of isla are  the perfect backdrop for a sublime view and serene afternoon walk. First opened on Dec 8th 2001 , this beautiful park hosts  dozens of sculptures with tropical colors . This pieces of artwork have been placed in the consonance with Punta Sur geography serving as the perfect integration with Isla ambiance.

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Tortugranja: Mother Nature first

From May to September , sea turtles lay their eggs in the soft sands of Isla Mujeres. For years turtles were hunted for its meat, eggs and shells.  During the 1980’s a local fisherman  and its efforts lead to the  opening of the Isla Mujeres turtle Farm , thus protecting  breeding turtles with wire cages around places to protect their eggs from predators.

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MUSA: Underwater Museum

This very unusual museum is a living exhibition of art in conjunction with pour natural habitat: The sea. First opened to public on November 26,2010; this monumental sculptural underwater park serves as the ultimate support for new coral reefs formation with allowing a magnificent view while diving the crystal clear waters of  Isla Mujeres.

Its wonderful masterpieces  made by Jason DeCaires Taylor initial purpose was to relieve the stress the local  reef system with closing the national underwater park

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Fishing Isla Mujeres

This formerly fishing village still retains the vibe of its initial main economic activity. Sport fishing is one of the main activities one may do from Isla Mujeres. Our blue waters host a wide variety of species turning isla into a fishing paradise. Sea fauna  include Sailfish, Snapper, Dorado, Marlin, Wahoo, Bonito, Barracuda, Mackerel,  among others.

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Door to Door transfer

Getting to Isla is a tangible feature of its charm. One you arrive to the airport you should take a transfer pr cab to Puerto Juarez Ferry , once there you should take a ferry to Isla Mujeres.This 25 minute ferry ride across the breathtaking blue waters of Isla Mujeres  will  guide you  to ‘Isla’ mood. Once on Isla you may take a taxi to your chosen hotel.

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Whale Sharks

‘Isla Mujeres has been blessed by many reasons. One of the most commonly mentioned is the fact the Whale sharks gather just north Isla Mujeres in a  7 mile radius to feed from the plankton emerging from the encounter of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Whale sharks are by far the largest living no mammalian vertebrate on earth

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