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Isla Mujeres has been, through the years, seen as one day tour for Cancun tourists. While this has helped the island to remain in a laid-back fisherman village vibe, we still beg to differ. As close as Isla Mujeres is to Cancun, there’s a sea of difference between the two of them (literally and figuratively). There’s plenty to see and do in Isla Mujeres, and one day is never enough, actually you can never have enough of it.

The unreal colors of its beaches might have been your first approach to this island, and once you see them you’ll find that’s actually a pretty good reason, and for many, it would be enough. However, you’ll find so much more to it that will remain in your memories forever, and yes, you’ll want to come back. Isla Mujeres is not for everyone, it is for you!


This magical park is a whole system of cliffs overlooking the sunrise and the first place where the sun touches land in all of Mexico. The perfect setting to watch a sunrise or a sunset as the sky is painted in countless colors and the legendary sculptures of the island give life to the island’s rich history.

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Sea turtles chose to the beautiful beaches of Isla Mujeres to lay their eggs each year from May to September. For years, these amazing animals were hunted and sold by poachers. But it was a local fisherman who came to the rescue, and with heroic efforts helped build this farm in a complete success. Today, not only are turtles highly protected, but you can actually visit, learn, and help to continue with this fisherman’s legacy in an ecological heaven.

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The art of conservation at full display. A truly unique type of museum where you’ll find hundreds of sculptures literally coming alive, as live organisms use their rock solid bodies as their new home. Opened in 2010, this underwater park has been one of the most significant supports to our coral reef which consequently help the underwater life perpetuate in its colorful lifestyle.

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As true to its origins as this island remains, fishing is still a common day to day activity, though it is no longer its main economic support. For the fishing enthusiasts from around the world, an escape throughout the crystal clear waters of the island is a must. You’ll find incredible marine fauna like the Sailfish, Snapper, Dorado, Marlin, Wahoo, Bonito, Barracuda, Mackerel and many others!

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But if this is an island… “how do I get to it?” You may ask. Well, this is all part of the charm. Once you get to Cancun, you’ll have to reach the ferry, for said task, you must cross this beautiful city in a transfer or cab until you reach the Puerto Juarez Ferry. There’s a ferry crossing to the island every 30 minutes in an unreal 20-minute ride across the Caribbean Sea. Once in Isla, you’ll find hundreds of options to rent a Golf Cart, bike, or take a cab to the hotel of your choice.

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The majestic Whale Shark is one of the many animals that chose this paradisiac destination for their annual gatherings in the northern waters of the island, where they feed from plankton while giving a show of all their beuty.

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