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The beauty and magic of Mexico can only be understood as you set your feet into the gorgeous sand and water of Isla Mujeres.

This island is as safe and relaxed as it gets. Thousands of families and tourists visit Isla Mujeres every year and fall in love with its vies, waters, and people. A place where there’s plenty to do, however, you can always do absolutely nothing, and that’s fine since you’re living the island’s life.
There’s a choice for every lifestyle, from very luxurious friendly hostels, beachfront holiday rentals, villas, etc. Enjoy the island’s lifestyle and meet the beauty of Mexico while you snorkel through its crystal clear waters in the National Reef Reserve or with the majestic creatures that come to our shores every year, the whale shark.

Witness or participate in the traditional sports fishing activities that go back to the very beginnings of this historic island. Meet incredible marine fauna with some of the top qualified experts in the field.

If you love to snorkel or scuba dive, be sure to explore the underwater life that surrounds the island. Visit MUSA, the underwater museum and find a unique type of museum as you float weightless watching art coming to life. Swim with dolphins in the Dolphin Discovery Center, visit the Turtle Farm, or swim with whale sharks in some of the many things to do in Isla Mujeres.

Taste the island in all of its traditional coastal style. A foodie paradise, where you’ll enjoy specially fresh seafood and the touch of the decorated Traditional Mexican Cuisine. Don’t worry, there’s an option for everyone, if you’d rather have Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian or Vegan meals, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Grab a drink or go dancing in its many bars and spots where the live music never stops. Don’t worry, there’s always something to do. Isla Mujeres history is very rich too. The whole Island dates back to its Spanish discovery in the 16th century when they were stunned to find hundreds of sculptures with feminine shapes, as it was a Mayan sanctuary island for the goddess of fertility, Ixchel.

This island was an important spot for the Mayan culture as it was the last spot where they discovered salt through the Gulf of Honduras, which they used not only for conserving meat but also as medicine and an object of commerce.

Isla Mujeres has also grown as a special spot in wedding destinations around the world, for its wonderful views and romantic sunsets. Its small-town vibes and island attitude have given Isla Mujeres a special place in the hearts of its visitors as they return for the most romantic wedding celebrations. Maybe it all dates back to its nature as a sanctuary for the goddess of fertility, who knows? Maybe Ixchel will be looking out for you!