PEQUEÑOS HOTELES FASCINANTES DE ISLA MUJERES (Small Fascinating Hotels of Isla Mujeres) is a personalized service that promotes the heart and soul of the island lifestyle by distinguishing the little jewels from all around the island. Founded in 2014, PHFIM was born with the mission of developing this main three areas for all Isla Mujeres: Longer visits from every tourist in order to fight the idea of a one day visit destination, increasing the hotel occupancy to have a lively island all year round, and focusing in fair rate structures in all of the hotels in Isla Mujeres

Service quality standards were significantly increased, added to the already warm hospitality that characterizes the people all over Mexico and even more in the Mexican Caribbean. Promoting the best practices of world-class quality in the industry, without losing the spark and coziness that pictures the beautiful Isla Mujeres.

A fair and responsible approach to the touristic service industry, including a sales and marketing company in order to develop and increase an Organic Marketing Plan that highlights this destination in the radar.